Of true love

Mario Buso started his “Guia” winery in the 1980s . It has become one of the most important family businesses in the small hamlet of Guia in Valdobbiadene.

Wine making was strongly rooted in Mario’s family, his father Bortolo and his mother Rina were both born farmers and makers of wine. Up until thirty years ago, farming was the main support for most families in the Valdobbiadene area, especially the husbandry of cattle, which consumed most of their time. In that rural world, the stable was the heart of people’s life. This has now been replaced by modern wineries, where shiny steel tanks and designer bottles are predominant. In contrast, Mario Buso’s winery has small selection of hand crafted wines. Each wine is made to exalt the unique properties, character and taste of the grapes from each vineyard. The quality of the products is shown by the success of sales throughout Italy, France and Switzerland. The customers of “Guia” are most importantly “friends” to them. Mario and his family have been building strong relationships with them. The wines are given a special genuine taste in synergy with the character of their land.